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Core Aeration

Lawns growing in our area of Canton benefit greatly from annual lawn aeration to reduce thatch buildup and more importantly, relieve soil compaction. This service will help improve the recycling flow of air, water, and nutrients to the root system. This, in turn, will help to rejuvenate your grass by allowing the roots to grow deeper, creating healthier grass and keeping your lawn thicker and greener. Remember, healthy roots equal healthy lawn.

Spring and especially fall are the best times for aerating turf. We highly recommend doing this at least once a year. Aeration is a relatively low cost service that can enhance your yard and leave you with beautiful-looking turf.

Lawn Aeration Benefits:

  • Improvement of drainage.
  • Increases air, water and nutrient to the roots.
  • Helps relieve soil compaction
  • Stimulates new growth
  • Decrease thatch build-up
  • During drought conditions, aeration helps water reach thirsty roots.
  • Creates a better environment for overseeding
  • Increases the effectiveness of applied fertilizers.

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If you have any thinning or dead areas on your lawn, it is a good idea to combine over seeding with aeration to create a lush lawn. The cores created by aeration allow the seeds to drop below the surface or the ground for successful germination.

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