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Professional Landscaping Services in Canton, Ohio and Surrounding Areas


A beautiful landscape is a great way to complement your home and increase your curb appeal. At StarkScapes, LLC, we offer a wide range of expert residential and commercial landscaping services to keep your landscape looking great all year round. Our landscaping company services are offered to our customers in Canton, OH and the surrounding areas include:

Vegetation and Weed Control

At StarkScapes, LLc, we know that you put a lot of effort into keeping your home or business looking its best. Invasive weeds can overtake your landscape and tarnish your beautiful beds, killing your plantings and leaving you with the chore of weeding. Excessive weeds and vegetation can also create a home for pests like snakes and mice.

These invasive weeds can overtake the outside of your home or office or swallow up your smaller plants and flowers, causing damage and creating an undesirable appearance. Don’t let weeds take over your landscape or lawn, allow our expert team to weed your landscape and help you prevent the weeds from returning with comprehensive treatment plans.

Plants, Bushes, and Stump Removal

In addition to our vegetation control services, we also offer plant removal services to meet your landscaping needs. Whether you want to refresh your landscape and remove tired plantings like shrubs or ornamentals or you need a stump removed, we’ve got you covered.

Trimming and Pruning Bushes

We use expert pruning and trimming techniques along with well-maintained equipment to help your tree remain healthy while complementing our manicured landscape.

Our expert team will examine your plants, shaping your trees and shrubs while maintaining and monitoring the plant’s strength. They will also check for issues such as damaged branches or insect infestations.

Landscape Design and Installation

With our landscape design and installation services, our expert team can help you refresh your landscape with services such as plant removal and replacement, reframing your existing beds, adding new trees, shrubs, and flowers as well as adding new beds. We can also finish everything offer with edging and compost as well as stone or mulch.

Our team of landscaping experts will evaluate your property and analyze a variety of factors to help create a landscape that meets your needs. Once we’ve determined how you want to utilize your space, we will help you decide on a theme and style for your garden to ensure your outdoor space reflects your style and perfectly complements your home.

After you’ve chosen the flowers, trees, and shrubs, we will also help you determine if you want to incorporate a retaining wall, paver patio, or new beds into your landscape design. Once the design has been determined our expert team will handle the installation of your new landscape, helping you create a beautiful and functional outdoor living space.

Color Enhancements

As the seasons change, so can your landscape! Color is an important part of a stunning landscape. With our color enhancement services, you can add a splash of color to your landscape and keep it looking refreshed and vibrant throughout the seasons.

As part of this service, we will remove the tired plantings and replace them with colorful, seasonal plantings to keep your landscape looking its best!

Planting Service

If you are looking to refresh your landscape with new bushes or shrubs, our team of lawn and landscaping experts can help! We can help you select the perfect type of bushes or shrubs for your landscape and expertly plant them where they will not only complement your landscape, but where they will receive the proper amount of sunlight and other nutrients to ensure they thrive and maintain an attractive appearance.

Mulching and Bed Edging

Keeping your landscape beds tidy is crucial to maintaining an attractive landscape. By mulching and edging your plant beds, you can give your landscape a crisp, finished look. At StarkScapes, LLC, our team will create a defined, crisp edge to separate the lawn from the beds. This edge will work as a barrier to help keep the mulch from being pushed into the yard by wind, rain, or foot traffic.

Healthy beds meant healthy trees, flowers, and ornamentals. With our mulching service, you can provide your plants with the nutrients and other benefits that mulch offers to help them thrive.

Landscape Rocks

If you are looking for a different way to finish off your landscape, we also offer a wide variety of rocks in many shapes, colors, and sizes to help you enhance your landscape. This option is low maintenance and can add a stunning, elegant look to your landscape. From river rocks to pea gravel, we have the stones that are perfect for adding the finishing touch to your landscape.

Expert Landscaping Services in Canton, North Canton, Louisville, and Massillon

At StarkScapes, LLC, we take pride in serving Canton and the surrounding areas, providing high quality, professional lawn care, and landscaping. When you choose StarkScapes, LLC for your landscape needs, you will receive landscaping and lawn services that are a cut above the rest! Contact us today to schedule your service!