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Full Serve Louisville Lawn Care, Landscaping, and Snow Removal

Lawn maintenance all year round right around the corner.

 StarkScapes, LLC gives you the most high-quality, reliable lawn and landscape services in the Louisville, Ohio area to your home or business. Your lawn will be as clean, green, and healthy as it could be when we’re done working on it—and you won’t have to lift a finger to keep it that way!

At Louisville Lawn Care, we offer top-quality weekly lawn mowing and lawn maintenance services, landscaping services including  property cleanup, and snow & ice management solutions.

A beautiful home needs a beautiful lawn to complement it, and improve its value on the market.

Starkscapes, LLC offers full spring and fall cleanup services to throw out dead leaves and other debris. We also perform bush pruning and trimming, and even bush removal, with our landscaping experts offering advice on how to proceed.

Our services also include mulch installation, delivered straight from our stores—which can help suppress weeds and enhance the appearance of your grass. We also provide landscape maintenance, which includes rotating the colors of your planted flowers so you’re always on-brand with every season. We take care of all of our landscape installation, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Weekly Lawn Mowing

Spring Cleanup

Landscape Maintenance

Shrub Trimming and Pruning

Bush Removal

Mulch and Rock Installation

Bed Edging


Fall Clean Up

Curbside Leaf Removal


Snow and Ice Management For A Safer Winter

With our snow and ice management services in the Louisville, Ohio area, you’ll never have to worry about a new mountain forming in your yard.

StarkScapes, LLC constantly watches the weather and dispatches our snow removal services immediately, once snowfall has reached your threshold. The snow will never reach the limits you specify, maintaining accessibility to your site.

We also offer snow pre-treatment with high-performance anti-ice compounds, which we can deploy just before a blizzard. There’s nothing quite like having less snow to deal with in the first place.

Commercial Parking Lots

Residential Driveways


Salt Applications

Choose The Best Louisville Lawn Care Services

Louisville Lawn Care complete, personalized services are the perfect fit for your lawn care and landscaping needs, specifically because we tailor our services to what we see. Our regular landscape maintenance plans and top-tier lawn care will give your property the exact tender loving care that it needs to grow well.

Contact us now to schedule a survey, and find out how we can help your commercial and/ or residential property.

We service the Canton, Plain Local, Jackson Township, Massillon, Perry Heights, North Canton, and Louisville, Ohio areas.