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Starkscapes, LLC is a family-owned lawn care and landscaping business with over a hundred commercial and residential clients in North Canton, Ohio and the vicinity. We offer a wide variety of services that can cover anything that might be needed to improve or maintain a lawn. 

Take Care Of Your Lawn’s Health And Appearance With North Canton Lawn Care Programs

Our regular lawn mowing services employ only the sharpest, best lawn mowers so that your property won’t be damaged. We’ll remove weaker blades and reintegrate them as mulch into your turf so that your grass will continue to remain healthy.
We also offer fertilization programs that are specifically tailored to your lawn’s needs. We use the right mixture and application techniques so that every part of your lawn gets the care it deserves.
On top of this, we offer weed control, to prevent your plants from being starved of sunlight and nutrients by parasitic plants, as well as aeration, overseeding, and soil lime application. We can do all of these as part of a regular maintenance program, which we’ll create after a detailed survey of your lawn.

 Landscaping Services For Year-Round Yard Beauty

North Canton Lawn Care offers high-quality spring and fall cleanup services will quickly rid your lawn of these leftovers, lifting the hassle of cleanup off your shoulders. We also prune and trim bushes, and can even remove them entirely. And we’ll provide advice on how best to proceed based on your specific situation.
We can keep your lawn perfectly matched with the season through annual plant and flower rotation, ensuring that your landscape always looks beautiful no matter what time of the year it is. We also take care of maintenance, feeding, and plant removal and tree installations as needed.

Safe Snow and Ice Removal

Starkscapes, LLC knows the weather of the land, and how bad it can get when the snowfall gets really thick. We’re always monitoring the weather, and are ready to dispatch at a moment’s notice to prevent snow from blocking access to your property.
We can also use snow pretreatment compounds your driveway prior to an impending snowfall event, so that the amount of snow buildup is pre-emptively reduced.
We offer flexible service options for snow and ice management, whether you want to pay us per visit or keep us on top of your lawn throughout the winter season.

  • Commerical Parking Lots
  • Residential Driveways
  • Shoveling
  • Salt Applications

Choose The Best North Canton Lawn Care Services

Starkscapes, LLC knows that a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t really exist in the context of lawn care. Hiring our services means that your lawn gets the care it specifically needs to have the best health and appearance. And hiring us for regular maintenance means that you’ll never have to worry about calling us back. Our customer service philosophy means that we’re committed to giving you what your lawn needs, when you need it.
Contact us now and get a free North Canton Lawn Care quotation for our products and services, or schedule a survey and get started with top-tier lawn care right 

Canton Lawn Care, Maintenance, and Mowing

We currently service Canton, Louisville, Massillon, and North Canton areas.

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