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Spring and Fall Clean Up

in Canton, Massillon, North Canton, and Louisville, Ohio Areas

Spring and Fall Yard Leaf Clean Up in Canton and Surrounding Areas

You take pride in your property, so to keep it clean and tidy, StarkScapes, LLC offer spring and fall yard cleanup services. Whether you need to remove all the leaves that autumn has dropped on your lawn or you want to clean your landscape up for the warmer weather ahead, our spring and fall yard cleanup services can have your lawn looking its best in no time!

Prepare for the Season Ahead with a Fall Yard Cleanup

All the leaves from your trees and your neighbors begin to fall and gather in your yard, flower beds, sidewalk, and driveway. Trying to rake and dispose of leaves yourself can be a time-consuming and challenging task that, depending on how many trees, can take days or even weeks to clean up thoroughly.

With our fall clean up services, we can take care of the hassle of leaf removal. Our fall clean up services are available in November and December, to help keep your lawn looking its best, while also making spring cleanup easier. We can remove twigs, leaves, and other debris from your driveway, yard, deck, window wells, or anywhere else in need of leaf or debris removal.

Refresh your Landscaped Yard with a Spring Cleanup Services

For a fresh start of the Spring season, we offer spring clean up services in March and April to help you get your lawn ready for the warmer months. Winter can bring twigs, branches, and debris into your yard and late fall may bring more leaves into your yard, leaving you with a mess to clean up.

Avoid the hassle of spring cleaning your yard with our thorough spring cleanup services. We will remove all twigs, fallen branches, and leaves that winter and fall introduced into your yard for a refreshed spring lawn.

Property Cleanup Services for a Safe, Healthy Lawn

Keeping your lawn clean and well-manicured all year round not only keeps your property looking great, but it also increases the safety of your property. Removing leaves and debris from your yard and other outdoor surfaces makes it safer to walk through the yard or down the driveway by eliminating hazardous or slippery conditions that can be caused by rain-soaked leaves.

Leaf and debris removal also helps promote a healthier lawn. Heavy debris and leaves can turn your lawn brown and trap moisture, creating the perfect environment for lawn fungus, mold spores and plant diseases to thrive. Heavy leaf cover can also block out sunlight, leading to bare patches on your lawn come springtime.

Specialized Equipment for Efficient, Professional Leaf and Debris Removal

Cleaning up after the leaves fall or after winter scatters twigs and other debris throughout your yard can be a time-consuming and challenging task, especially without the right equipment.

At StarkScapes, LLC, we have a variety of specialized equipment specifically for removing leaves and debris from your yard and other outdoor surfaces. Our yard cleanup services can get your yard back to pristine condition safely and efficiently.

Using a vacuum truck, we can thoroughly and safely remove leaves and other debris from your property leaving you with a clean and healthy lawn that is sure to impress!

Our fall and spring yard cleanup services are proudly offered to residential and commercial clients in Canton, North Canton, Massillon, and Louisville. Contact us today to schedule your lawn cleanup service!

Curbside Leaf Removal

You wanna save money and do the hard work? Just get your leaves as close to the curb as possible and give us a call. We’ll do the rest. Our curbside leaf removal service works by bringing a side mounted leaf collection system to your property and suck up all of you leaves in record breaking time. Our curbside leaf pickup is fast and affordable. Call today to get on our list. 


  •  Please blow or rake leaves into a long, narrow pile along the curb. The vacuum arm can reach 3-4 feet into the lawn area, so be sure to get them near the curb. 
  • The leaf row should be clear of any large objects, such as trees, bushes, fire hydrants, or light poles.
  • Our recycling area and vacuum are designed for leaves only. Please remove make sure your leaf row is clear of trash, rocks, sticks and/or other debris.
  • Do not park vehicles in front of your leaf row on your collection day. 
  • Cost for the one-time leaf removal service is dependent on how long is takes and location from the shop and location from the dump areas. 
Canton Fall Cleanup

We service the Canton, Plain Local, Jackson Township, Massillon, Perry Heights, North Canton, and Louisville, Ohio areas.